Creators of lasting emotions

Supporting  environmental innovation

At Bleu écrit en vert, we are convinced that the fight against global warming, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of the environment require innovation. In addition to all our daily actions, the development of new technologies also allows us to limit our impact on nature and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We are not inventors but we are creators of brand images in the service of environmental innovation. Our way of contributing to a healthier world.

Sowing start-ups seeds

Many of the most significant environmental innovations have come from individual initiatives. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and a concept in mind? Bleu écrit en vert is here to help you develop your start-up. We follow the steps of your evolution, at your pace, in order to promote a solid and harmonious growth of your organization. Moreover, our services are scalable and able to accompany you throughout the development of your company. For us, the protection of the environment is a long-term approach, with you.

Cultivating your brand image

Starting your own business is all about turning your idea into reality. From technical issues to legal aspects, you have to think about everything. The success of your start-up also depends on its visibility. It must stand out, seduce and convince, in order to attract customers, investors and business partners. This is the role of your brand image. It represents your project. It speaks of your concept. It reflects your identity. Your vision. Your colors. Your values. The same environmental values that the entire Bleu écrit en vert team shares. We breathe the same air as you.

Reducing sensory pollution

Bleu écrit en vert agency promotes eco-responsible communication methods. Of course, we systematically choose solutions that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Beyond air, water and soil pollution, we also include the respect of our common sensory environment in each of our strategic approaches, notably by reducing the sound and visual pollution of our creations. By limiting the impact of human advertising, we work daily to create a soothing living environment and lasting emotions.

An eco-responsible agency

With a rating of 90%, Bleu écrit en vert has obtained the Excellence level awarded by This directory brings together businesses, organizations, associations and self-employed workers who care about the environment and the community. The selection criteria are based on 11 types of eco-responsible actions, taking into consideration the BNQ 21000 and ISO 14001 certifications as international standards for sustainable development as well as several other reference works. The objective is to help us gradually reduce our ecological footprint on a daily basis and to offer a link with those who stand out in terms of sustainable development.