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Vision Art Productions

Above all, Eli is a long time friend. The accomplice of many projects, good times and love of art in all its forms. He is the head of Vision Art Productions, a video production company based in Montreal. His award-winning team specializes in advertising, film, narration and various artistic videos. People we love to work with and have fun with!

Les pages vertes

A veritable ecological Ali Baba’s cave, Les Pages Vertes bring together eco-responsible businesses in a single directory, facilitate sustainable consumption and equip the population for an ecological transition. You’ll find everything: agriculture, food, art and culture, community, education, housing, fashion, health, tourism, technology and innovation. Go see, it’s good for the planet!

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Martin Beaulieu Photographe

An international photojournalist, commercial photographer and videographer, Martin is above all a friend. He enjoys building strong relationships with people through his environmentally friendly business. He wants to make a positive impact for the collective good of society by putting forward the fruits of his experience as an entrepreneur, team manager and ideator. A human being in love with nature.